Cleaning Services

Grounds Irrigation and Maintenance

QC MAINTENANCE INC , we go above and beyond to ensure your establishment always presents its best face to both clients and staff. We believe in creating a welcoming atmosphere right from the entrance, where flower-lined pathways and impeccable lawns greet visitors. Our attention to detail extends to providing comfortable seating for staff breaks, and when inclement weather strikes, we prioritize safety by promptly removing obstacles and deicing walkways.

Our year-round facility maintenance services cover all aspects, including regular cleaning of your parking lot, whether it’s located above ground or below.


Customize your package to include meticulously maintained lawns, trees, and flowers, ensuring your facility leaves the best possible impression on stakeholders.

Snow Removal

Safety is our top priority, and our commitment to cleanliness and safety doesn’t stop at disinfection. We make sure your occupants can safely access your facility through clean, dry parking lots and well-cleared sidewalks.

Graffiti Removal/Painting

First impressions matter, and we can assist in eliminating graffiti and addressing paint cracks that could harm your reputation. We’ll remove eyesores and restore your building to its former glory.


Say goodbye to dry lawns and shrubs. With our team’s expertise, you’ll see your outdoor spaces come to life, inviting occupants to enjoy a flawless facility experience.”

Our cleaning service is based on the right planning, execution and supervision of every project.

Cleaning Services

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