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Technical Equipment Cleaning

From commercial air duct cleaning to HVAC cleaning, you can trust us to expertly handle your critical technical equipment.

You can rest assured knowing that we possess the technical expertise and knowledge required to ensure that our professional cleaning services leave your equipment clean, undamaged, and fully functional. The close proximity of our cleaning team to the technicians from our sister company, Ainsworth Inc., places us in a unique position to understand the best practices for cleaning some of the most delicate and vital components of your building or business.

Server Room:

Protect your computers and data from corruption by regularly dusting and cleaning your server room.

HVAC Cleaning:

Time is of the essence when dealing with smoke and fire damage. Synthetic materials can release harmful substances as time passes. Our experts implement fire damage mitigation, restoration, and corrosion control measures. We also assess your property to prevent further damage.

Pipe Dusting and Cleaning:

Maintaining the parts of your building that are not visible is just as crucial as the visible areas. Prevent blockages, allergen buildup on surfaces, and keep the internal workings of your building as clean and functional as the areas your clients see. Additionally, our team of experts at Ainsworth also provides plumbing services to address your technical needs.

Elevator Pit:

We specialize in cleaning even the most challenging-to-reach areas that other commercial cleaning companies may lack the expertise to access.

Mold Remediation:

Maintaining a mold-free environment is crucial for the well-being of your facility’s occupants. We conduct water extraction, moisture readings, and mold prevention to safeguard against health issues.


Our team is well-prepared to prevent the spread of water, surface, and airborne illnesses by thoroughly decontaminating your facility from bacteria and viruses.

Asbestos Removal Management:

Asbestos is a hazardous material often found in older buildings. We offer solutions to address this issue, ensuring the health, safety, and certification of your facility.

Demolition, Renovation, and Reconstruction:

In cases where recovery is not feasible, we provide support for the next steps in restoring your business to normalcy, offering a fresh start after a disaster.

Electrical Room:

When catastrophe strikes, QCMaintenance is your trusted partner for swift and high-quality restoration and recovery services.

Machine Cleaning:

QCMaintenance’s expertise in safe equipment cleaning and operation helps reduce downtime, ultimately impacting your profitability positively.

Our cleaning service is based on the right planning, execution and supervision of every project.

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