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Heavy-Duty Work Demands Robust Industrial Cleaning Services

Our company is committed to delivering the most efficient industrial cleaning services available on the market. We work hard to ensure your facility can operate in a clean and safe environment. Our team has unique skills and specialized equipment to provide professional industrial cleaning services. Our goal is to offer you clean and secure facilities that guarantee the continuity of your operations at all times.

We can clean air compressors, air conditioners, heat exchanges, hydraulic, lubrication, and water systems, cooling coils, process heaters, reactors, blast, oxygen, vacuum, and electrical furnaces, hydraulic reservoirs, tank chillers, evaporators, and more.

We have developed our services to meet the specific requirements of warehouses, production plants, distribution centres, workshops and a wide selection of other industrial structures, whether small or large.

Manufacturing and Distribution Facilities:

Our experts allocate the right manpower, equipment, and supplies to meet your industrial cleaning needs. We understand the challenges that manufacturing and distribution facilities face, and our QCMaintenance team seamlessly integrates with your operations.

Consumer Products:

Consumer products manufacturing facilities face unique cleaning needs due to constant material, equipment, and personnel movement, which increases dust and dirt. A clean environment improves efficiency, contributing to employee health and proper equipment operation.


Safety and performance are paramount in automotive plants. Our industry-leading expertise and integrated cleaning solutions save you time, resources, and money, delivering operational efficiencies and cost savings.

Paper and Printing:

No matter the material, we take care of your cleaning needs. Our services are tailored for the fast-paced environments of paper and printing facilities.


In textile plants, we understand the challenges of delivering quality performance, savings, sustainable practices, and continuous improvement. Our services alleviate financial and operational pressures.


Biopharmaceutical facilities require specialized cleaning programs to avoid cross-contamination. At QCMaintenance, we prioritize effective and consistent cleaning for the health and safety of your clients and their customers.

Food and Power Plants:

Cleaning for health is integral in environments where food and energy production occurs. Our employees provide commercial disinfectant cleaning services to meet stringent standards and ensure plant safety.


Whether your facility operates with fossil fuels, nuclear energy, steam, co-generation, petrochemicals, or refining, we understand the special cleaning needs of power plants and energy facilities. Our professional cleaning services contribute to regulatory compliance, environmental concerns, safety, and accident prevention.

Our commitment to excellence has earned praise on Canadian review sites. Clients commend us for delivering effective cleaning solutions, ensuring a clean and safe working environment.

Our cleaning service is based on the right planning, execution and supervision of every project.

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