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Enhancing Indoor Air Quality for a Healthier Environment

In response to the new challenges posed by the pandemic, Ainsworth Inc. has partnered with Clean for Health to introduce the smartIAQ program. This initiative leverages cutting-edge technology to measure, monitor, and control HVAC equipment, creating a safer and healthier building environment.

Our services include:

Enhanced Filtration

Ainsworth experts assess your HVAC filtration system and upgrade it to the recommended MERV-13 filter, where applicable. We also provide ongoing maintenance and timely filter replacements to ensure optimal air quality.

Dilution Ventilation

Studies have shown that increasing outdoor air circulation indoors can help mitigate the spread of viruses. Our team uses a cloud-based Building Automation System (BAS) to program your HVAC system for improved ventilation while optimizing energy consumption through real-time adjustments.

Air Purification & Conditioning

We utilize ultraviolet lights (UVGI) within the HVAC system to sanitize coil surfaces and purify indoor air, contributing to a safer environment.

Occupancy Management

Ainsworth offers advanced technology that can detect mask usage, monitor surface body temperature, and count the number of people in specific areas, helping you adhere to physical distancing and space requirements.

With the smartIAQ program, we are committed to creating a healthier indoor environment for your building.

Our cleaning service is based on the right planning, execution and supervision of every project.

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